Insurance Accident

If you are ever involved in a vehicle accident in Armadale, Perth, contact us at Towing Service Armadale. If you have never been involved in a vehicle accident before you may not be aware of your rights as an insured motorist. If you would like to receive compensation for the accident then there are specific things that must be done in order to have your insurance claim approved. Our tow truck drivers and associates are familiar with the various types of accident insurance that are offered today. Contact us to discuss your rights as an insured motorist. You shouldn’t have to pay for the expense to have your vehicle towed and repaired, especially if you were not at fault. If you don’t know your rights based on your insurance plan, chances are that you’ll pay when you don’t have to. You may be thinking that all you have to do is report the accident and the insurance company will send you a check for damages. There is a lot more to it than you might imagine and that is why it helps to contact a towing company who has experience assisting with insurance claims.

Upon receiving your service request to have your vehicle towed after an accident our tow truck drivers know how important that it is that the insurance company have pictures of the accident. They may send someone to the accident site to take pictures or ask that the pictures are sent to them. This is very important to have since they will often base their decision on the proof in the photos. When our tow truck driver arrives at your location, they will not move your vehicle until the pictures have been taken and the authorities at the site give them permission to move your vehicle.

Hiring a qualified tow truck professional means that they are fully aware of the consequences of simply reacting to the situation. They know the importance of allowing the insurance company and the authorities do what they need to do before removing your vehicle from the accident site. If they do not follow proper protocol, you could lose out on your insurance claim. Working with a qualified professional means they will know what is needed to get your claim approved. You benefit from their experience and knowledge about how auto insurance works to benefit motorists who have been involved in an accident.

We are equipped to assist you with your towing needs and assist you with your accident insurance. We want you to be able to understand what your rights are and we assure you that our drivers are capable of helping you with this. You are sure to be able to receive what is owed to you from the insurance company if our drivers have anything to say about it. They will take every necessary precaution to preserve the accident site before removing your vehicle.